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A bit more...

By day, I am a copy writer, working with brands and companies to help craft their ideal story. I am particularly passionate about working with companies that subscribe to my values; including but not limited to working with sustainable companies, women entrepreneurs and social enterprises. I partner with the team in creating a copy strategy, utilised across their website, email marketing and social media.


By night, I am a content writer, working with the leading digital magazines across Hong Kong and internationally. Covering everything from where to adopt a dog, to interviewing the winner of the Redress Awards, to alternative mental health therapies in Hong Kong, content writing is how I express my interests, while staying connected with the community.


By the middle of the night or in the shower, I am a creative writer, a member of the Hong Kong Writers Club and an aspiring author. One with tons of ideas, lots of coffee and definite upcoming hand cramps, I am currently working on my fantasy novel.

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